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The same happens here with our hapless, pathetic Labour party which, under the equally hapless Jeremy Corbyn's supposedly radical-Left leadership, campaigned for election in 2019 with a manifesto that was overtly law'n'order and included unashamed support for the Conservative government's threats to hire twenty thousand more cops and build numerous large, new prisons to hold the working-class men that are supposedly the base of Labour party support. Under Corbyn's successor, the former Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Keir Starmer (knighted, it must be said, for his role in imprisoning Julian Assange), the emphasis on support for cops and prisons has increased to an even higher level. But, of course, the cops and prison guards don't support Labour back and the tabloid press, no matter how hard Labour tries to present itself as the party of harsh punishments for the working class, will always be deeply sceptical.

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