So what, specifically, should we be doing? In alameda county (ca), the long term, terrible sheriff was just defeated, largely because of jail deaths, lawsuits, activism highlighting the issues undermined general support. Work for sheriff oversight and transparency? Or is that just giving people an out to a more substantive discussion about abolition?

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Given that "reform" candidates often just turn into the same figurehead of oppression that they originally opposed...

Given that the few who win on that line and stick to it once they're in power get effectively boxed in by the other elements of the justice system...

Given that elections are really the only lever available to the public for controlling the Sheriff's office...

Somebody really should run a campaign that boils down to "vote for me and I will effectively shutter this department."

You can continue to pay the deputies their salaries until the county votes to stop those funds. Just don't give them anything to do, or any equipment to use. Don't require them to report for duty. Just close down operations, draw a paycheck while doing fuck all for your entire term, and report back for re-election when that term ends.

Such a candidate would never win. Too many people who like the abstract idea of reform but are scared of the measures successful reform would actually take. But as this article makes clear, it's a better play than hoping for some kind of half-measure reform to yield results.

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Good thoughts. As far as the "average citizen" goes i believe we would rather take our chances with the most "shoot first, ask questions later" type of Wild West Sheriff than with a "progressive" Woke sheriff.

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