Sitemap - 2021 - Posse Comitatus

The Rest of the Worst

The Worst Sheriff of 2021: Los Angeles’s Alex Villanueva

Sheriff of the Year: Susan Hutson (+ the people who elected her)

News Round-up

Friends of Sheriffs: Kris Kobach

Friends of Sheriffs: Rachel Malone and Gun Owners of America

The New Orleans Sheriff Race

Sheriffs Making Much Ado

The Virginia Governor's Race, Guns, and Sheriffs

The Law According to Ken Paxton Or, this is what a white supremacist take-over looks like

Be a Man

Progressive Carceralism: Is jail a “tool for reform”?

The LASD RAND Report is Full of Words

Not Anti-Vax, But Pro-Freedom (for some)

Surviving versus Thriving

Sheriffs, “Crime-Free” Housing, and the Politics of Segregation

The “Tip of the Spear”: Sheriffs and Evictions

The Black Hole of Jail Deaths

Anti-vaxers are anti-government

Back to School Edition

Loudon County Sheriff to Parents: There’s nothing to see here.

What are the Texas sheriffs doing?

A man walks into court

The Family Way

History of the LASD, Part 5

How Sheriffs Block Police "Reform," the National Sheriffs' Association

I've got Americanitis. 4th of July Edition.

Border walls and Bullsh*t

I Will Be Your Father Figure

"All of them must have homes.”

"People out of state are descending"

The Dongcopter Flies in New Mexico

ICE, Natalism, and the Nationalist State

History of the LASD part 4 “Trampology”

News Round-Up: Americanitis Edition

Can we ever get ICE out of jails?

What About the Victims

History of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Part 3

What we’ve learned about Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is that nothing really works.

“Don’t Vote the Stupid Way You Did Up North” Sheriffs and Protests

What’s death got to do with it? Sheriff-Coroners

The History of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Part 2: The Los Angeles Rangers

History of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Part 1

A good guy with a gun

He had a bad day

Panic! Who will help the victims?

Panic! At the border.

Sheriffs and the Bipartisan Reform Left-Right Shuffle

Deep Freeze State

Sheriffs and the Political Power of Law Enforcement

The Recall of Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney

A Few Good Men

State Spotlight: Missouri

COVID-19 in Jails

Sheriffs and the problem of rural representation

Sheriffs Were Harbingers of the Insurrection

2021 in Sheriffs: An Unusually Optimistic Newsletter